Into Severobaikalsk

After a good night’s sleep we didn’t leave the B&B until 11ish, checked over the bikes and I changed my rear pads as they were almost metal to metal. Then back out onto the rough old BAM road, traffic is starting to pick up now along with the dust so we when the end was near. Overtaking slow moving lorries you take your life in your hands, barely seeing a thing until your committed which includes all the rocks on the road!

Severobaikalsk town sign.

Severobaikalsk town sign.

Aim today was Severobaikalsk at the top left of lake Baikal which we made in around 3 hours so after stopping for lunch in the town centre we found a hotel for the night. After unpacking and washing our stinking underclothes we set about servicing my bike, which was due an oil and filters change. These bikes have a 3000 mile oil and filter change schedule but as 10/60 might be hard to find in the sticks so we carried enough for 2 changes. This mean’t extending the interval to around 4000 miles which hopefully shouldn’t be a problem.  We did find a pool of water in my air box when we were cleaning our air filters but luckily not enough to get sucked into the engine. These bikes are bulliet proof with the amount of abuse they have taken.
We popped out for a pint to celebrate doing the BAM from Tynda which was another of the goals we had set. It was Saturday night but for the size of the town there were very few bars and not much going on, maybe we were in the wrong part.

Distance travelled 211kms Max Altitude 645mtrs
Total Distance travelled 4423kms

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