Severobaikalsk to Zhigalovo

After a good nights sleep and hearty breakfast we set off with Zhigalovo our next planned stopover. It’s about half way between Severobailkask and Irkutsk on the west side of lake Baikal. Tough going today road was the usual bumpy gravel potholed dusty track we have become accustomed to. 8 hours of bone shaking teeth rattling endurance riding later we arrived at the destination and found a B&B marked on Walter Colebatch’s way points.

Zhigalovo B&B.

Zhigalovo B&B.

Bit of a dull day today Kev didn’t even take many pic’s as we were inland from the lake following the Lena river on a road not shown on our map and lined with trees so no view. Tomorrow we have another  400km spin to Irkutsk where we will have a few days off to chill out and sort the Mongolian visa’s out, we’re getting a bit tied now so need a rest! I think now that we have done out main objectives we have crashed a bit on the energy front so R&R is needed.

Distance travelled 435kms Max Altitude 1210mtrs
Total Distance travelled 4858kms

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