It was a beautiful sunny hot day when we left the hotel but just as we reach the outskirts of the city the heavens opened up and we were soaked to the skin within minutes, visibility was so bad we had to stop in a café until the worst passed. It rained most of the day, at one stage we were riding towards the sunshine and then the road veered off under the black clouds again 🙁 .

Kiev hotel owner and Kev,

Kiev hotel owner and Kev,

Kiev cafe raining

Kiev cafe raining

Road to L'viv monument.

Road to L’viv monument.

We arrived in L’viv at 7pm in the dry and road around the city looking for the hotel that Gary had booked us in, it’s a lovely medievil old city still with some old cobble streets. As we pulled up outside Gary, Ned and Mide (Kev’s better half) were waiting with champagne and a kiss and cuddle (unfortunately I had to make do with Gary 🙁 ). Bikes parked around the back and 3 large vodka’s later we were getting showered up and off out for a bite to eat and more booze!.

Ned, Gary, and Mark in L'viv bar.

Ned, Gary, and Mark in L’viv bar.

Distance travelled 574kms
Total Distance travelled 14021kms

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