Thurnau, Germany

Left Prague hoping to get to Wurzburg but unfortunately Ned’s bike broke down in the middle of a rain storm, the rectifier was gone so Gary and Kev went off to find a replacement new battery and/or some distilled water. The first attempt they only managed the water and an address of a Honda dealer 20 miles away in the wrong direction, as the day was drawing in and it was looking like rain again we decided that myself and Mide would ride on to find a place to stay and send the info back. Shortly after we departed the rain started, it was seriously heavy and what with it being dark we pulled off the main road into a small town called Thurnau to see if we could find a place to stay. As luck would have it we found a hotel that had closed for the season but the people agreed to open up for us,  gps marks were sent to the boys before I showered and put some dry cloths on. About an hour later they turned up very wet with Ned riding between Garry and Kev due to not being able to use his lights! they managed to get a new battery but no rectifier so Ned had to ride his bike with no lights in the dark through the worst rain so far.
After the boys had a shower and warm up we headed out for food and found a little gem of a place called Schleicher’s Bistro, when Marco (the owner) was explaining the menu he said ‘’I have chicken titties’’ Which started us all laughing and also a night to remember. Marco was a great guy and would have kept serving us as long as we wanted to stay but by 2am we were done.

Distance travelled 283kms
Total Distance travelled 15400kms

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