London! :)

We left Mechernich heading for the Calais ferry and got 50mtrs before I was pulled by a police motocyclist for no number plate, it had snapped off on the Kolyma in Siberia then completley lost between the border of Mongolia and Russia. This was the first time we were pulled for it, I had a couple of previous times been asked where it was when we had been stopped for papers checks but that was all. Nice weather again today as we run through Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and France to the ferry port. We were meeting some friends in the evening for a curry in Essex then off for a few beers. Arrived at the Ibis west Thurrock and a welcoming party was waiting for us, my Mrs, Kev’s brother and his daugher and grandson and a few friends so a few quick beers before shower and curry. Mr and Mrs Nomad biker and JackoUk came along for the curry along with another 10 or so friends.
After we got chucked out of the curry house 6 of us headed for Basvegas in Basildon for more drink, the rest is history!

What an adventure, can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

Distance travelled 618kms
Total Distance travelled 16576kms

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