Kev’s 690 EVO2 tanks and headlight

Winter is slowly creaping up on us and we have started to update, modify, and fix our equipment for next years trip from the lessions learnt for 2012.
Kev has just taken delivery of his new Rally Raid EVO2 upgrade kit for his 690, and installed the tanks and headlight conversion kit ( all with just a hammer and chisel! 🙂 ).

Kev's 690 front headlight change

Kev’s 690 front headlight change

Kev's 690 new EVO2 tanks and headlight

Kev’s 690 new EVO2 tanks and headlight

The EVO2 tanks hold around the same capacity of fuel (10 ltrs) but hug the frame which makes for a narrower profile and the fuel sits a little lower. Another advantage is they ae quicker to remove as there are no KTM side panels, plus they look cool!

The dual headlight is just plan cool looking!

Next will be a set of BAM riders graphics for it.


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