Moscow stop over

The flight out of Dublin was with S7 airlines which was nice, they really looked after us and we paid for nothing which was strange after using Ryanair and Easyjet over the last couple of years!. We arrived in Moscow Domodedovo airport at 6am and had 14hrs to wait until our connecting flight to Magadan, knowing this we had planned to do our currency conversion here because the rate was better in Moscow and there were 24 hour banks open on Sunday to facilitate this. After searching for a couple of hours and eventually finding a bank that would change my sterling (all banks took euros) we walked into red square to see the Kremlin. The weather was fantastic and we lay on the grass for a couple of hours watching the world go by in the glorious sun. Then off for a bit of lunch before heading out to a different airport for our onward journey.

Moscow Bench

Chilling in the sun on a Moscow bench

We arrived at the airport with hours to spare which was just as well because we were in the wrong airport! Oops now we have to get to the other side of Moscow to the right one which took another 1 ¾ hours and left us 1 ½ hour before departure.

Phew!!! Not quite sure how we got it so wrong in the first place but Kev blamed me!

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