Magadan the final frontier!

Arrived in Magadan this morning at 11:45 after an 8 hour flight from Moscow, the flight was strange as we had asked to move to the rear of the plane as it was almost empty. Big mistake as they started moving all the drunk passengers to the rear during the flight and we had two rather drunk men behind us moving and moaning during the night! weird…

Magadan airport

First view of Magadan airport (Sokol)

Arriving at Sokol airport the rain was tipping it down and it was miserably cold (a sign of things to come maybe??).

Mark at Magadan airport

Is that a smile or a WTF!!!

Magadan airport luggage

All mod cons, automatic luggage belt..

There is a bus that takes you the 40km or so into Magadan for about £2, just about 3 or 4 km outside the city was the old airport with rotting planes and helicopters on the runway, makes you wonder why they moved the new one so far away.

When we arrived at the bus station we were met by Vita and Alexander our landlords for the next couple of nights, they took us to get sim cards for our phones and sorted our registration for Russian immigration.
Next was a drive around tour of Magadan which lasted about 15 minutes!, then up to the Mask of Sorrow (Skorbi).

The apartment was very basic with no curtains on the windows (which didn’t help with the sleeping) but did the trick and is much cheaper than the hotels here.
We sat up until midnight messing with sat navs and planning routes etc getting very excited about picking up the bikes in the next day or two.

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