Tuesday in Magadan

Today we woke at 4am which was a bit of a combination of jet lag and a friend phoning Kev and waking the whole block of flats, we went for a stroll to see if we could find milk for tea but none of the supermarkets open until 10am.

Magadan in the morning

Not much action at 6am!

Magadan Jets

Remnants of the Soviet Union.

Magadan Tank

Luckily for us there was a bar that hadn’t closed yet so was able to sit drink tea (no really that’s all we drank) and eat peanuts. The bar was quite full for that time of the morning with a drunk couples in, will have to try and avoid that place if we go for a beer any time this week as Kev couldn’t handle a session like that!

We headed back to the apartment for a bit of breakfast around 7 am after getting refused more tea in the bar ( Kev was getting a bit lairy must have been the caffeine ) the bar was closing, at 7 am!
Around 10am we took a stroll down to the shipping agent to find out about our bikes, we knew the ship was in yesterday and they may take 2 days to get unloaded but when we finally found the company we were told the bikes would not be ready until Friday after 4pm! Bugger!!!! Back to the all night bar then!
We will have to find something to do tomorrow but it doesn’t look promising, today we walked all around the town but found nothing! On a plus side the sun has been out all day though the wind is bitterly cold it’s still much nicer than yesterday.

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