Thursday in Magadan

Oh dear, I can see a pattern forming after another messy night! Sat in a bar with Phil last night great guy and very interesting listening to what he has done so far, then we were joined by the local mafia who wanted us to sit and drink with them and that’s when it all went pear shaped! we were hoping for an early night after the last one.

The thing is that there is not a lot else to do here but go for a pint, or drink vodka!

Magadan Church

Magadan Church in the centre.

Went for a walk today and came across the Kudo support truck so looked around for the group and found them in a nearby hotel, they arrived late last night after a London to Magadan trip with 4 customers we are going to meet them for a pint tonight seemed like nice chaps and also have all the info on our route.

Magadan Beach

Magadan Beach, not a big tourist destination!

Magadan Pier

Yes Magadan does have a Pier!!

Magadan Landing Craft

Old landing craft beached, someone was living on this..

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