Magadan and the Tenkinskaya Trakt

We finally left Magadan around 4 pm and headed out for Tenkinskaya Trakt, we probably should have stayed another night in Mag but were chomping at the bit now after waiting for the bikes for 3 days!

Bike crates

Delivery for Emans!….

Bikes at Mask of Sorrow

Mask of Sorrow from the back.

Mask of Sorrow front view

You can’t leave Magadan without a shot of the front.

We sat at the bottom of the mask of sorrow setting our sat navs when a guy on a cruiser came by and insisted on leading us out to the track, which was great except he only rode about 30 mph and we had about 40 miles to the start!

Losha Magadan biker

Magadan biker (Polar Bears Club) Losha, only 12 members.

We rode the track for 2 hours or so before arriving at the fuel station at Ust-Omchug, its a small settlement not much there and within minutes we were surrounded by children.

After topping up our tanks we headed off for another hour before the light started to fade.

Tenkinskaya Sign

We found a little spot well in off the road and got the fire going for a brew. It was a lovely warm evening and we sat round the fire had a freeze dried meal which was actually not bad at all and chilled, the new morning was a different story with the fire gone out and thick frost over all the equipment we both woke freezing having been lowered into a false sense of security by the lovely evening before.

Evening of first campsite

Distance travelled 319kms Max Altitude 1180mtrs

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