Kadychan deserted city

Suseman to Kadychan is about 60km’s of dusty gravel road full of trucks servicing Ust Nera the mining town at the top of the M56 Kolyma.

Kadychan from the M56

Kadychan from the M56

Lenin at Kadychan

Kadychan Lenin looking the worse for wear!









From here it was only a short ride to the start of the Road of Bones and we were both very excited but it was getting late so we were going to head for the hunters cabin which is about 40 km in and camp there for the night, We needed shelter for mark as he had set fire to his entire camping kit shortly after leaving our first camp.

Bear Hunters on the RoB

Bear Hunters on the old summer road near Kadychan.

On the way to the Hunters lodge we came across a group of hunters looking for bears. They asked if we had a gun and were shocked when we said no and that we would be camping.


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