Yakutsk stop over

Awoke in a lovely room in Nick and Anna’s house and could smell something nice cooking. Mum had prepared us a huge breakfast and though she had no English and us limited Russian we sat and chatted to each other for an hour or so laughing and joking, wondering if we were actually laughing at the same things though it wouldn’t have mattered. She is a lovely soft spoken lady and we could have listened to for ages! After breakfast we had a few running repairs to do on the bikes. The air filters were completely blocked up with thick dust and we had to go through the bikes checking all the nuts and bolts as a few had shaken loose on the M56. Next was to clean, oil and adjust the chains.
Today was so hot 30+ so working on the bikes took most of the day, then in the evening after a lovely Yakutian dinner Nick and Anna took us down town for a tour.

Breakfast in Yakutsk with Nicks mum

Breakfast in Yakutsk with Nicks mum

Don't know what it was! Yakutian lunch..

Don’t know what it was! Yakutian lunch..

Yakutsk is a mixture of beautiful new buildings and old tradition style with some complete wrecks thrown in all crammed together. It has the record of being the coldest city in the world with winter temperatures regularly below -40c!

Tomorrow we get the full tour from Nick and Anna.


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