Finishing bikes off for shipping to Vladivostok

Ok, well we haven’t been doing any blog updates for a while as been busy with various things such as work 🙁

All has changed with the shipping, we were going to ship via a 20′ container but due to hassle with customs, pricing ($10k!), and only a few people interested in spaces we are now going back to the way we did it before.

So now we are having the bikes transported to Riga, flying over and riding them to St Petersburg to drop them off at the courier. We used these in 2012 and the bikes arrived safe and sound so fingers crossed. This way is a little more hassle but will be around half the cost, another plus is we will only need to collect in Vladivostok as all the import forms will be already completed.

Will update with bike photo’s on Saturday as I will be dropping my bike off in Dublin.