Rally Raid Products. Rally Raid Products, have a long history with developing the 690 enduro, their products are high quality and well designed with many hours of field testing. We used and abused most of their products on our journey and gave feed back to Rally Raid. John the owner is not only an engineer but a rider so knows what you want and need.
Torque Racing. Torque Racing, Martin has years of experience on KTM’s including spannering on the Dakar several times along with other rallyes. He’s even managed to keep Kev’s bike running which is no mean feat in itself! He serviced and health checked the bikes before the trip and then had to do the same after, which took a little more effort!.
Philip Gunn Transport Phil Gunn helped us out with transporting Kev’s bike back and forth to Martin Witterings for services etc as Kev lives in Dublin
Sibirsky Extreme Siberia Motorcycling travelling with Walter Colebatch. Sibirsky Extreme, great website all about motorcycle travel across Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, etc, etc . On trip planning and information side Walter Colebatch (HUBB regular) is an excellent source, he has travelled extensively across Siberia and is a wealth of information.
THE Motorcycle Travel website for everything you need to go travelling. Horizons Unlimited, the website that’s all about motorcycle travel. Travellers Community, Bike Travel information on the Bulletin Board (HUBB), This is a fantastic source of information and a very active community of knowledgable people that are willing to share information and help if possible.